About us

GreenRnD Labs

GreenRnD labs are a reasonable place for emerging and developing of fantastic ideas and creating and reaching to technological solutions based on inside knowledge and with getting help of researchers, sientists and business experts and as a result, the growth and acceleration of the affairs of engineers and activists in each field.

The GreenRnD team are constantly looking to create creativity and use new methods to solve challenges facing engineers and customers to make it easier to provide or receive services. In this regard, the activities of the team are categorized in the following areas:

Feedback from the Tech Community

Technical teams receive feedback from customers and hear their ideas in the process of providing services. They also have problems, so sometimes need to spend hours doing routine and repetitive tasks. In this regard, GreenRnD team examines customer ideas in the “Key study of ideas” circle or automates processes in the “Processing” laboratory.

Latest Tech Trends

the “consulting” circle of GreenRnD team, examines technology trends and tracks their growth process every day, and if they identify that technology usefull in the country’s technology space and the applied area, they transfer it to the “Key study of ideas” circle. And after a more detailed examination and provision of the necessary equipment and budget, a special laboratory will be embedded for it.

How do we foster innovation

In order to foster innovation, it is needed to prepare the best available spaces and technologies; so GreenRnD team has provided following services:

Best platforms. (I/O, network, hardware, datacenters)

Pragmatic solutions that covers all your needs. From infrastructure to managed services.

Simple solutions. (easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to develop, cheap)

Providing best tools needed.

Providing happy and attractive environment.

Creating knowledge circles for speaking and sharing knowledge.

Projects road map

Projects in GreenRnD labs are in different statuses and they grow in the following road map







Projects in this state are new and immature and may have lots of their properties and features inaccessible.




Projects in this state are stable and all of their properties and features are accessible. But may have some bugs.




Fully matured with almost no problem.


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